Simple writing for BAs

How to simplify your written Business Analysis documents I want people who read my writing to understand what I’m telling them and to take meaningful actions afterwards. Writing well is a vital skill for Business Analysts (BAs). But training courses and books for BAs don’t offer much practical guidance on how to do this. As…

What do Business Analysts do?

If you’re wondering what it is that Business Analysts (BAs) actually do, here’s a simple explanation to get you started. It’s a role that you don’t need to be ‘technical’ to do. You just need a passion for asking questions!

Trello, a tool for organising projects

Trello is an online tool for organising your projects which I find really useful for personal or small group projects. It’s like a digital way of putting sticky notes onto a pinboard. And unlike sticky notes, there is no risk of a sudden breeze blowing them all away. If this sounds useful, keep reading to…

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